The World Through My Right Eye

I don’t have much to say right now. I work too much, I drink too much, and I don’t travel or get out enough. But it hasn’t stopped me from taking some interesting photos and spending as much time on the water with our boat.

This time of year, we have crazy weather that goes from bright blue skies with zero breeze one second, to dark, ominous clouds with high winds a few minutes later. It makes for some interesting photos, and always keeps you monitoring the radar while out on the water. I hope you enjoy my work and please comment on which are your favorites and for what reasons. It always keeps me striving to keep you entertained with my camera

Boating, Split Shot, Underwater Photography, Bonish Photography

Boating, Bikini, Dog, Bonish Photography

Honey Sleeping while standing up – We’ve been taking her out to the beaches to wear her down

Crabbing, Beach Combing, Sand Bar, Florida, Bonish Photography

Our Arkansas friends came to visit. At one point Janice said “I feel like this entire vacation in Florida I’ve been staring at the ground!” This might explain it better

Bikini, Model, Bonish Photography, Chloe Reynolds, Sun Hat

Beach modeling shoot with Chloe

Dolphin, Jumping Dolphin, Florida, Bonish Photography, Cedar Key

Boating, Beach, Bikini, Bonish Photography, Island, North Key

This never gets old

Dolphin, Boat Wake, Jumping Dolphin, Bonish Photography, Cedar Key

Neither does this

Sea Grapes, Atlantic Ocean, Singer island, Bonish Photography

Cindy Bonish, Underwater Photography, Bonish Photo, Swimming, Black and White

Cindy Bonish, Boating, Bird Feeder, Bonish Photography

Cindy feeding the birds while we were out boating

Naked Boating, Bikini, Bonish Photography

Naked Boating while the bikini dries

Singer Island, Pump Station, Atlantic Ocean, Bonish Photography

Backflip off the Pump Station on Singer Island – Look close and you’ll see the guy in mid-flip

Swimming, Bikini, Cindy Bonish, Underwater Photography, Bonish Photo,

Outward hound Lifejacket, Dog, Bikini, Water, Bonish Photography

Bonish Photography, Bikini, Naked, Gulf of Mexico, Driftwood

Essentials for the beach

Chloe Reynolds, Bonish Photography, Modeling,

Chloe Modeling on the Driftwood

Summer Shandy, Bikini, Boating, Drinking, Bonish Photography

What Summer is all About in one image

Airboat, Mike Davis, Salt Marsh, Bonish Photography

Mike Davis in the Marsh Grass

Cindy Bonish, Bonish Photography, Bikini, Topless

Sea Grass, Bonish Photography, Gulf of Mexico

Bird Feeding, Cindy Bonish, Boating, Bonish Photography

We’re floating down the river and all these birds land on the bow of the boat, and eat right out of Cindy’s hand! Super cool experience

Lightning Storm, LKH, Bonish Photography, Florida

Lightning Storm behind the Low-Key Hideaway in Cedar Key

Bikini, Bonish Photography, Beach, Driftwood

Bikini Reflections

Sandbar, Boating, SUP Holder, Cedar Key, Bonish Photography

If we’re not int he Tiki Bar, we’re on the Sandbar

Florida Storms, Salt Marsh, Bonish Photography

Florida Storms blowing through the Salt Marsh

Underwater Photography, Swimming, Bonish Photo, Cindy Bonish

Diving into the Mirror

Aqualilly Pad, Floating, Cindy Bonish, Bonish Photogrpahy

Chillaxin’ on the Aqualilly Pad

Walking on Water, Bikini, Bonish Photography, Cindy Bonish

Who knew Cindy could walk on Water?

Sandbar, Cindy Bonish, Cedar Key, Florida, Bonish Photography

Look closely and Cindy is pointing at a shark that was swimming right beside us on the sandbar

Dog, Beach, White Sand, Bonish Photography, Cedar Key

Honey is dunking her head underwater to try and catch a crab – Silly Dog

Cowgirl, Bikini, Naked, Cedar Key, Bonish Photography

Dolphin, Wake, Jumping, Bonish Photography, Cedar Key

Dolphin coming in for a landing while following our boat

Underwater Photography, Bonish Photo, Cindy Bonish

Dogs, Beach, Bikini, Cindy Bonish, Bonish Photography

Cindy avoiding a crash while the dogs were chasing one another down the beach

Singer Island, Atlantic Ocean, Cindy Bonish, Bonish Photography

Cindy putting her feet int he Atlantic Ocean while visiting family on Singer Island

Chloe Reynolds, Modeling, Bonish Photography, Cedar Key

Chloe modeling in the driftwood

Swimming, Underwater Photography, Bonish Photo


Sandbar, Boating, Cedar Key, Florida, Bonish Photography

That secret sandbar

Lightning, Storm, Cedar Key, Florida Storms, Bonish Photography

Massive Lightning Storm off of Cedar Key

Swimming, Bikini, Underwater Photography, Cindy Bonish, Bonish Photography

Swimming through the Sun Beams

Boating, Florida, Bikini, Bonish Photography

Lightning, Storm, Low-Key Hideaway, Cedar Key, Bonish Photography

Big Lightning Storm behind the Low-Key Hideaway

Cowgirl, Bikini, Naked, Bonish Photography, Cindy Bonish

Bikini Drifting Cowgirl

Sunset, Photo of Sunset, Bonish Photography

The End

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2 Responses to “The World Through My Right Eye”

  1. Jodee GravelAugust 10, 2014 at 2:12 pm #

    You make a nearly impossible request without turning the comment into a separate post as each shot is breathtaking for all different reasons :-). I always hold my breath when looking at your underwater shots so obviously you have truly “captured” the experience. Love the “storied” shots with the dogs and friends and family and boat – the beer and butt being my favorite. Love the dolphins and the birds, experiencing the wildlife so close and interactive is very exciting. Shamelessly I love the body shots of Cindy – sexy, strong and tastefully shared.
    I’d be okay with “not getting out enough” like this :-).

    • Pat BonishAugust 10, 2014 at 7:08 pm #

      Thanks Jodee! Funny about holding your breath, I never thought of that.

      The beer and the butt shot just says ‘Summer’ all over it 🙂

      I hope you’re finding fun stuff in your travels!

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