Those Summer Storms

One of my favorite things about living in Central Florida are those summer storms. You might remember that from another post I made a few years back talking about this very same thing – My Other Post

The past few weeks have been one afternoon storm after another. Cindy and I have sat either in the Tiki Bar enjoying them with other folks, or lucky enough to be out in the boat where we can sit, from a safe distance and watch them roll past.

We sat out in the boat the other day watching a storm roll over Cedar Key where there was no chance of going home without floating right into the center of it. Luckily you could sit on the backside of one of the outlying islands and just watch the storm, with nothing but blue sky above you. This particular storm we watched for over an hour, with what looked like a giant tornado over the city, but we never had a drop of water land on us. Unless you count the sweat falling off my drink.

The fun thing about the weather these days is you could only spend one day out on the boat, and your images will look like multiple seasons since the weather changes so quickly. It also leaves me longing for a cabin cruiser style boat, one where we can comfortably sleep on the boat, with the ability to have a bathroom, and a few creature comforts to spend an overnight at anchorage with sleeping on an open deck.

Boating, Beach, Gulf of Mexico, Honda 90hp

Anchored on North Key. Very few clouds and a beautiful day. This is early in the day around noon time

Storm Clouds, Low-Key Hideaway, Scooter, Yamaha Zuma, Florida, Cedar Key

I was leaving to go to the bank one morning and as I look back to pull out onto HWY24, I notice the clouds moving in over the motel. This is typical of what it looks like from hour to hour. Notice I’m in full sun, and to look in the other direction, you wouldn’t have seen a cloud in the sky.

Boating in Bad Weather, Clouds, Storm Clouds, Gulf of Mexico, Cedar Key, Bonish Photography,

This is the same day as the one where we’re anchored on North Key…..only later in the afternoon

Baby Cardinal, Tiki Bar, Low-Key Hideaway, Dog on Bar

Random shot of our resident Baby Cardinal sitting in the bar. Please dont pay attention to Little on the actual bar!

Sunset, Storm Clouds, Gulf of Mexico, Ocean, Bonish Photography

Storm Clouds rolling in at Sunset

Lightning Storm, Storm Clouds, Gulf of Mexico, Bonish Photography

Watching a Lightning Storm from our boat over the Gulf of Mexico

Cindy Bonish, Bikini, Floating, Bonish Photography

Cindy floating in the Gulf of Mexico as the afternoon storms build up in the background

Low-Key Hideaway, Sunset, Bonish Photography, Cedar Key, Florida

Awesome Sunset behind the Low-Key Hideaway

Sunset, Tiki Bar, Low-Key Hideaway, Bonish Photography, Cedar Key

Purple Mountain Majesty – Tiki Bar at Sunset

Sunset, Low-Key Hideaway, Bonish Photography, Cedar Key

Beach, Bikini, Cindy Bonish, Cedar Key, Gulf of Mexico

Honda 90hp, 4-stroke, Outboard, Bonish Photography, Transom Lights

Love the new Honda 90hp 4-stroke motor! Now we just need to order up some custom graphics

Low-Key Hideaway, Sunset, Cedar Key, Storm Clouds, Bonish Photography

This scene never gets old for me!

Lightning, Low-Key Hideaway, Storm Clouds, Cedar Key, Bonish Photography

5am storm blowing over the Low-Key Hideaway – The amount of things people have commented on being able to see in this storm cloud is downright awesome

Boating, Cindy Bonish, Bonish Photography, Cedar Key, Sunset

Cindy watching the storm clouds in one direction as I watch them in the other direction. Wouldnt it be funny if we were listening to the band ‘One Direction’ while I took this picture!

Storm Clouds, Boating, Cedar Key, Bonish Photography

Watching the Storms roll through in AWE!! This particular storm was throwing lightning all around us. It was amazing to watch

Long Exposure, Sunset, Low-Key Hideaway, Cedar Key, Bonish Photography

Taken with a 10 stop ND Filter

Storm Clouds, Cedar Key, Low-Key Hideaway, Bonish Photography

Love watching the front of the storm blow in

Sunset, Low-Key Hideaway, Bonish Photography, Cedar Key, Gulf of Mexico

Big yellow Ball Going to Bed behind the Low-Key Hideaway

Low-Key Hideaway, Sunken Boat, Bonish Photography, Cedar Key

Such an Amazing Sunset with the SS Minnow as a foreground Subject

Lightning Storm, Bonish Photography, Cedar Key, Dock, Gulf of Mexico

Lightning Storm over the Big Dock in Downtown Cedar Key

Sunset, Low-Key Hideaway, Cedar Key, Bonish Photography

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7 Responses to “Those Summer Storms”

  1. Larry BurnsJune 18, 2014 at 11:44 pm #

    Pat, you should really pursue photography as a hobby…you really have a knack for it!

    • Pat BonishJune 19, 2014 at 2:10 am #

      Some folks call this a hobby, like I do, others call it an obsession

  2. Jodee GravelJune 19, 2014 at 1:24 pm #

    Saw the post title and knew there would be some amazing pics – and you did not disappoint! Clicking the down button, I kept hoping I would never get to the end. Growing up in the desert of SoCal I loved sitting for hours at the horse corral and watching the storms come across the open desert. There’s just something about all that power and beauty. We used to say we had no desire to visit Florida. Now we add “except for Low Key Hideaway – we HAVE to go there!” The Cardinal will have its own family by then, but we’ll be there :-).

    • Pat BonishJune 19, 2014 at 2:02 pm #

      There is something about watching Mother Nature unleash her fury! Cindy and I can sit and watch her work for hours upon hours. As for the cardinal, we have Mocking Birds making a nest right outside our bedroom window right now (I know there has to be a joke in there somewhere). So we’re both hoping the all too friendly cardinal will learn from those new babies and maybe become a part of their family too

  3. Erin masonJune 26, 2014 at 10:30 pm #

    Pat, it was great meeting you today. Ed and I will definitely stay at your place next time we come over. I should be back in a month or so by myself, too.
    Check out my blog Chefsmate which is currently morphing to include my latest endeavor, Vintage Florida Girl

  4. MartyJuly 2, 2014 at 3:07 pm #

    Love your storm photos…but, do you ever become concerned about being in the open water, in a metal boat and the possibility of a lightning strike? The old saying comes to mind, “if one can hear the thunder you are susceptible to a lightning strike.” Still love the photos.

    • Pat BonishJuly 12, 2014 at 3:33 pm #

      We try and stay a few miles from the storms. This isnt always possible, but it’s something we try and keep track of. One of our phones is usually keeping up on the current radar to track which direction the storms are heading, and if there is lots of Red on the radar (Lightning) we head in

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