Too Much To Post

I recently said to Cindy “I’m completely overwhelmed these past few months! I dont even know where to start when it comes to updating my blog!?!

This was talked about when she asked why I hadn’t posted any photos from the birthday visit we had from our great friends Derrick and Tish who brought their daughter and her boyfriend Lauren and Jeffrey? Or the Suwannee River Boat Trip we did while they visited? Or the visit we had immediately afterwards from our Daughter and Grandson? Those mixed in with the Wednesday Trips Scott and Karen did before they left to head back up to Maine and the warm, boating weather we’ve been having which means we’ve been out on the water every chance we get? This was all talked about on our drive back from Savannah where we recently visited Katie & Jessie, of

Rather than try and put my words down via keyboard, why not let my right eye tell the story. I seem to be better with photos than I do with words anyway.

Tish Smigiel, Lauren Smigiel, Cindy Bonish, Cedar Key, Driftwood, Bonish Photography

Cindy, Tish and Lauren having fun on one of the Islands

Star Trails, Night Time Photography, Bonish Photography

Tri-Colored Heron, Bird, Bonish Photography

Kayak Fishing, Bikini, Drinking, Bonish Photography

Cindy Bonish, Bonish Photography, Bikini

Dolphin, Bottle Nosed Dolphin, Bonish Photography, Cedar Key

Bohemia, Savannah, Katie Smith, Cindy Bonish, Bonish Photography

Katie, Cindy & Jessie acting goofy in Savannah

Sunset, Beach, Bikini, Cindy Bonish, Bonish Photography

Reggie, Katieandjessieonaboat, Bonish Photography

Reggie explaining what Life is all about on a sailboat

Wacasassa River, Storm Front, Bonish Photography

Storm Front Moving in while we were boating on the Wacasassa River

Hideaway Tiki Bar, Cedar Key, Bonish Photography

Derrick, Tish, Lauren and Jeffrey having fun in the Tiki Bar

Sailboat, Daybreak, Sunrise, Bonish Photography

I thought this sunrise seemed fitting shot through the rigging of this sailboat

Bikini Boating, Cindy Bonish, Bonish Photography, Boating

Yes, Cindy has been working out non-stop lately on a new program called the 21 Day Fix, contact her on Facebook if you want some more info

Crab, Beach, Wildlife, Bonish Photography

Jazper Castro, Bonish Photography

Cindy Bonish, Katie Smith, Sailboat, Bonish Photography

Cindy and Katie chilling out during sunset at the Marina in Savannah

Sand Bar, Bikini, Boating, Bonish Photography

Boat Wake, Underwater Lights, Underwater LEDs, Bonish Photography

Cindy Bonish, Savannah, Bonish Photography

Lee Big Stopper, Long Exposure, Cedar Key, Low-Key Hideaway, Bonish Photography

Taken during the daytime with a Lee Bigstopper 10 stop ND Filter

Irish Bar Savannah, Cindy Bonish, Bonish Photography

Dolphin, Bottle Nosed Dolphin, Bonish Photography, Cedar Key

Two dolphin playing behind our boat

Bikini, Bonish Photography, Cindy Bonish

Group Shot, Cedar Key, Bonish Photography

Boating on the Wacasassa River, Bikini, Florida, Bonish Photography

Night Time Photography, Bonish Photography, Sailboat,

Full Sky of Stars over the Mast of the Sailboat

Cindy Bonish, Boating with Children, Bonish Photography

Storm Front, Bonish Photography, Cedar Key

Storm Front blowing through Cedar Key behind the Low-Key Hideaway – Photo by Cindy Bonish

Boating Naked, Bonish Photography

Jessie, Katie, Cindy Bonish, Bonish Photography

Kayak, Floating, Bikini, Bonish Photography

The Girls floating in the Marina

Umbrella, Boating, Bikini, Bonish Photography, Cindy Bonish

Cindy & Karen keeping covered while a rain shower passes over

Tish Smigiel, Lauren Smigiel, Suwannee River, Bonish Photography

Floating down the Suwannee River

Boating Naked, Naked, Sexy, Bonish Photography

Proper Boating Attire

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2 Responses to “Too Much To Post”

  1. Jodee GravelMay 25, 2014 at 2:36 pm #

    I understand your hesitation to attempt the volume of words needed……..especially with the incredible photos as competition! Are you kidding with the dolphins in the boat wake/surf????? Wow! Cindy is looking great (so much girl-hate) and the last shot should hang “over the bar” forever!!

    • Pat BonishMay 25, 2014 at 2:41 pm #

      Thanks Jodee for understanding. I’ve found that unless I post updates to the blog the day after the event, our lives seem to be so busy, within a few days I’m already too far gone to try and go back and conjure up those feelings to put them into words.

      Mental Note: Try and stay up on the blog more! Safe travels on your adventure

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