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On A Whim

Rooster on Duval Street, Key West, Bonish Photography

Last week Cindy was in New Orleans visiting family. I stayed here in Cedar Key to help Amber hold down the fort. You know what they say….”Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder” We would sit and talk to one another all night on the phone after the kids had gone to bed and I’d closed […]

Friends Visiting a Cross-Road

Katie and Jessie, Hunting, Bonish Photography, Girls

If 2013 was a busy year, I can tell you right now that 2014 is going to be even busier. We’re into the last week of January and it seems we’ve had different groups stopping by and visiting every single day. You know the old saying “You Never Knew How Many Friends You Had Till?“, […]

The Low-Key Hideaway Video

Roam Media, Slider, Time lapse, Bonish Photography, Low-Key Hideaway

A few months ago Cindy and I flew a film crew (Roam Media) down from New York City to have them put together some video footage for us. We wanted them to be able to get aerial footage of the motel and it’s grounds so we could host it on our Low-Key Hideaway website. Probably […]