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Back to Goat Island

Light House, Goat Island, Cape Porpoise Maine, Bonish Photography

Back in September of 2011, Cindy and I took a few days off and visited great friends Scott & Karen Dombrowski up in Maine. If you read our blogs frequently, then you’ll know Scott & Karen from our many forays around Cedar Key and the West Coast of Florida on our ‘Tuesdays Fundays’ adventures. Scott […]

Massachusetts…..Not Maine

Motif #1, Rockport Harbor, Massachusetts, Fish House, Bonish Photo, Boats,

Leaving Tampa Airport, we land in Boston mid-morning. Find the rental car agency and sit talking with a sales agent about the differences between a Compact Car and a Mid-Seize. He’s explaining for $13 a day, we can upgrade to a Mid-Size car, and keeps saying that a Mid-Size is a Toyota Camry. We’ll be […]