Archive | March, 2013

Sharing My Dreams

I have a few dreams that I lust after. I mean they’re so bad, that Cindy has to grab me by the shoulders and shake me sometimes yelling to ‘FORGET ABOUT IT! It’s NOT going to HAPPEN!’ Its ok, I can dream cant I? Everyone who has read the blog for some time knows that […]

EPIC Adventure

About a month ago, our best friends Derrick and Tish made reservations to come stay with us for their yearly escape out of those cold Minnesota winters. They usually visit in April so we can celebrate both Cindy’s and Derrick’s birthdays, which are only two days apart. But this year, Derrick had to be in […]

Visit From Mom & Dad

Why do visits from family always seem to be so hard? Cindy and I get to do a lot of fun things and spend lots of time playing around in the outdoors and when family visits, we want them to experience those fun time too. Problem is it seems every time we have family come […]

Tornado Hits Cedar Key

The other morning Cindy and I were lying in bed just talking as it was only 6 a.m. As we laid there chatting, we were commenting on the wind and the rain. It had been raining off and on throughout the night, and it had just picked up again, but this time it was coming […]