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That Secluded Sandbar

Bonish Photography, Morgan Boat

With only one day off each week, you try and use those 24 hours to their fullest extent. With the weather being about as perfect as you could ask for right now, our days off are usually spent on our boat, or on the water on a friends boat. Most of our friends have normal […]

Too Much To Post

Night Time Photography, Bonish Photography, Sailboat,

I recently said to Cindy “I’m completely overwhelmed these past few months! I dont even know where to start when it comes to updating my blog!?!” This was talked about when she asked why I hadn’t posted any photos from the birthday visit we had from our great friends Derrick and Tish who brought their […]

Saving the Earth While RVing

Wind Turbine, RV Living, Travel Trailer, Bonish Photography, Every Miles A Memory

Back when we lived in our RV fulltime, many people asked us tons of questions about how we afforded it, how we could do it at such a young age, and almost EVERYONE asked if it bothered us that we were using that much fuel to travel. We had many answers that I don’t think […]

Senior Photos

Lauren Bartholemy, Senior Photos, Bonish Photography, Harry Potter

I love taking photos and luckily I get a chance to have multiple subjects that I enjoy experimenting with. Living in Cedar Key, my main subjects are usually beach scenes, birds, dolphins and obviously sunsets off our back deck. Simply because that’s what you see me posting most often, it doesn’t mean that’s all I […]