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Summer Storms in Florida

One thing that Florida is known for is their Lightning. The state has more lightning than all the other states combined with a whopping 25.3 strikes per square mile and 1.45 million lightning strikes each year, on average. Central Florida is the most lightning prone area in the United States with about 90 thunderstorm days a year. […]

Louisiana Vacation

We’d only been back from Minnesota long enough to catch up on emails, get our business caught up at the Low-Key Hideaway and get our clothes washed before we were leaving for Louisiana. I don’t know if you’d call this one a vacation since we’d be babysitting the entire time. Seeing the Grandkids and getting […]

Recovering….Not Really

After the last two days of partying, we were in need of some recovery. With today being Julene’s 50th, it didn’t mean we’d be lying in bed sipping Camomile Tea, but hopefully we wouldn’t be partying for 15 hours straight. The perfect recovery from a few days partying with the Smigiel’s is spending it on the […]

Minnesota Part 2

Waking up to the feeling that I’ve made it to 40! Wow, who would have ever thought I’d make it this far in life? Not me, that’s for sure, especially after last night. Check out wasn’t until noon, which was perfect since no one in our party was up and moving all that early. Cindy […]

Minnesota Part 1

We try and visit our great friends Derrick and Tish as often as possible. They usually come during the winter months to escape the frozen tundra of Minnesota and we try and get away for a week or so during our hot, muggy late summer months. Although the last time we visited them, it was […]