Archive | December, 2012

What a Busy Life We Live!

Where does the time go these days?  It seems I sit down on a weekly basis with full intentions to update this blog, and next thing you know, I’ve answered a few emails, clicked on a few links, answered the door or the phone 3 times and next thing you know my day has flown […]

Realizing Our Reality in Cedar Key

I know I talk and ramble a lot of our future plans of travel.  Lately I’ve noticed that I’ve stopped browsing so many exotic sites that get my Wanderlust juices flowing.  What I’ve been looking through and lusting after are things that will keep me right here in Cedar Key where I’ve finally realized, I’m […]

Logo’s, T-Shirts and Marketing

The marketing side of the Low-Key Hideaway is up to me.  Cindy’s in charge of the decorating, the layouts of the rooms and keeping the guests happy.  Her and Amber do a wonderful job with that and it shows. I’m the one who is supposed to keep people entertained with logos, new designs and funky […]

Cedar Key Christmas Boat Parade

Oh what fun the last few days have been. It seems the Winter Season is back in full swing here in Cedar Key and the Low-Key Hideaway. Between the cool weather we’ve been experiencing, to the traveling snow birds that are here to visit, it just feels like the Holiday’s are upon us. This past […]