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Tuesday Fun Day Returns!

Last season, with Scott and Karen spending their winters here in Cedar Key, we picked Tuesdays to be our day off and tried to do something every Tuesday that would get us out of work. We specifically tried to either be on the water, or something that got us out of Cedar Key. If we’re […]

Moon Halos

Have you ever looked up at the moon at night and witnessed a big rainbow like halo around it? A few nights ago, we had just that spectacle above Cedar Key and the Low-Key Hideaway.  Funny that when you’re known as an avid photographer, when some sort of spectacle is taking place, your phone will […]

Pontoon Fun in Cedar Key

A few days ago, some fellow travelers who are camping here in Cedar Key asked if I’d chaperon them during a day on the water.  They were asking about renting a pontoon boat from Tidewater Tours and spending an entire day exploring the islands.  I was trying to give some pointers when someone suggested that I just […]

Back To Life, Back to Reality

Our last day on the boat was a day of total relaxation.  We left the room only to feed ourselves at the buffet’s a few different times, I finished the book I had been reading and got half way through another one Heath had recommended.  All the camera gear was taken apart and cleaned thoroughly […]

January 11th – Day 6 – Grand Cayman

Today was one of those days I had been waiting for since the first mention of the cruise had been planned months ago. I’ve heard of Grand Cayman and it’s sparkling waters for years now from friends who have visited and come back raving about the snorkeling and diving.  It’s one of those areas divers […]

January 8th – Day 3 – Cozumel

I woke up early again this morning planning to enjoy another sunrise off the balcony. That was till Cindy about tore my head off when I opened up the curtains to watch the sun rise above the horizon.  Apparently she wasn’t having any part of waking up early after all that dancing we did in the club […]