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A Dogs Life

Bonish Photography, Beach Dog, Island Dog

Everyone talks of reincarnation, afterlife or what they want to be if they were able to come back to this earth as something other than themselves. ┬áPeople usually have their reasons for whom and what they would want to be, and most pick a specific species of animal for some reason. I have always said […]

Random Awakening

Bonish Photography, Bald Eagle, Bird in Flight, Cedar Key

So many times we go through life complaining and griping about things that are so petty. Luckily for me, Cindy is a pretty steady ship and can keep me grounded and humble on many occasions when I complain or forget how lucky I really am. Yesterday afternoon, I was smacked in the face with a […]

Hidden Coast Paddle Fest 2013

Kayak, Florida, Nature Coast

This past weekend, Cedar Key was host to the Hidden Coast Paddle Fest. Almost ever direction you looked around the Keys, your view would have a kayak in it. That is a great experience since they make no noise and cause no pollution and you know they’re all out there enjoying themselves immensely. The Hidden […]