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The U.P. Experience

Kitch-iti-kipi Spring, Big Spring, Bonish Photo, Michigan, Every Miles A Memory, Travel

Friends and family ask all the time if we’ll ever move back to Michigan. It’s where both Cindy and I were born, although we did not know one another while we grew up there. It has much to offer. Beautiful scenery, great people and endless outdoor activities to keep you busy and in great shape. […]

Abandoned Detroit

Abandoned, Detroit, Bonish Photo, Graffiti, URBEX

While recently up in Michigan visiting family, I decided to check out some of the abandoned buildings in downtown Detroit….there are lots of them in case you haven’t followed the last few decades demise of Detroit. Rather than go snooping around on my own, a good friend, William Trinkle who had done one of the […]

What Are You Waiting For?

I’ve just returned from a funeral back home in Michigan. Not that there is ever a good time to have to go home for a funeral, but going home when the highest temperature I experienced was a blustery 20 degree’s kept me inside and hunkered down and spending as much time as I could trying […]

Summers Over!

Labor Day is that spot on the calendar that tells American’s that summer has ended, school is back in secession and we start looking forward to fall. Autumn is by far my favorite season of them all. Living in Central Florida, we get to enjoy fall much longer than those that live in the Northern […]