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Water Camping

Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Houseboat, Catamaran Cruiser, Bonish Photo

With the spring weather finally hitting the Southeast, we’ve had a few chances to use the Houseboat. This was a grueling winter simply because we knew we had the houseboat just sitting there waiting to be used, but neither of us really saw any need in floating around in chilly, pretty much downright cold weather […]

Louisiana Vacation

We’d only been back from Minnesota long enough to catch up on emails, get our business caught up at the Low-Key Hideaway and get our clothes washed before we were leaving for Louisiana. I don’t know if you’d call this one a vacation since we’d be babysitting the entire time. Seeing the Grandkids and getting […]

Busy Before Vacation Comes

The past few weeks have been non-stop busy before we leave for a weeks vacation to head up to Minnesota to visit Derrick and Tish and celebrate my 40th Birthday. We had a ton of fun with the 4th of July weekend and stayed crazy busy here at the Motel and the Hideaway Tiki Bar. […]

Summer is Here

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The summer heat is upon us with days being spent either sweating like a dog if doing anything outside, or escaping into the comforts of the A/C. Problem is once you go into the house and cool off, it only makes going back outside even more miserable. It’s easier to just stay outside all day […]

3 Sisters Spring, Crystal River

Another Tuesday Fun Day…What to do? We had the camera gear loaded up early this morning, the truck packed and kayaks loaded onto Scott and Karen’s motorcycle trailer. We can normal carry two kayaks on our Yakima Roof Racks if it’s just Cindy and I, but we needed to haul another kayak so we chose […]